5 reasons why you should go to Coney Island

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Sweet memories from the 60's...


1. For the vintage look of the merry-go-rounds that makes you feel like you are in one of Weegee's photographs.

2. You'll find so many different kinds of people peacefully enjoying the same scenery together.

3. Because it's the only place where you can still listen to an intact boombox carried by a music-mad fisherman.

4. For the hot dog smell reminding you that you are in Nathan's hometown, the place where the official international Hot Dog Eating Contest is held.

5. So you can meet an old man, who sits everyday on the same bench, happy to share his memories of his "good old days" in Coney Island. 

Texte et photos : Emeline Collin.

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Noémie 29/08/2011 18:21

Comme tjs, que bella !

Un petit voyage made in USAs des années 50'

Emeline Collin 30/08/2011 14:57

Merci m'dame ! En attendant d'aller explorer Asnières et ses alentours ensemble ...